Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Living The Adventure!

Living in obedience to God is a great Adventure! 24 years of saying "Yes" to The Father has resulted in a life full of adventure. These past 3 years have been no exception. Since my days in the mortgage business ended 3+ years ago, life has been an increased adventure with God, as I have lived out the journey of His ministry calling. It has not been easy, yet it has been a great faith building adventure. The past few months have only increased the intensity and adventure as we have been on a journey to greater fulfillment and destiny. This past week was the birthing of something new, as we held our first "Breakthrough Conference" (Oct 19-20). I have been doing numerous conferences and retreats over the past several years, yet always under someone else's vision or as part of a team collective vision. It has all been great, yet it has been preparation for something more. A couple of months ago, I received a prophetic word (in Redding, Ca) that launched something new and speaks well to this season of our life: "You keep trying to be second, but God has called you to lead...I see you digging a well... it's been hard... breaking through to water... God is pleased with your faithfulness. Because of some of your decisions, your children are thriving..." Though it has been hard, our children are thriving. And, despite my apprehension, God has called me to step out and lead. The Breakthrough Conference was the first time I launched out in the leadership role that was specific to the passions and calling God has placed within my heart. The fruit was very encouraging as many encountered God in a very real and personable way (see "Testimonies of Breakthrough" blog entry, Oct 24). While this Breakthrough conference was going on, my family was also in need of a major Breakthrough as well. We were in desperate need of a place to live. Our 9 year old daughter, Kailey, wrote a song that she sang at the conference describing our circumstances well: "I can have Joy in the Lord... God's about to do something great... we're moving in ten days... We're on the rope, reaching for the next knot... I can have joy in the Lord... God's about to do something great...". We did need to move in ten days, and we did believe that God was about to do something great! Though we have been on the rope, reaching for the next knot, we have had Joy in the Lord! Though pressed, God did come through! We move this week! Just as Kailey sang, God did do something great! We needed to find a place to live by the end of this month (October). While that may not sound like a big deal to the average person, it was a big deal for us. We have not been in a financial position to buy or rent a home. We needed God to come through in a big way! He did! Though it was scary along the way, not sure what would unfold, we actually had options to choose from within a week of moving date! God is so good! We move this week into an amazing house, in an amazing situation, with an amazingly hospitable host! Our kids are full of excitement and joy by what God did on our behalf! They are thriving! God did do something great! He is so good! This journey reminds me of a movie clip we use to show on our RTG weekends, called "Never Cry Wolf": A university professor, "Tyler", who is not an outdoor guy, goes to some remote country to study wolves. He hires this rugged pilot, "Rosie", to get him to his destination. They are flying in a small, old crop plane. It's an Adventure! While talking in the plane, Rosie, the pilot, shares his philosophy on life. "...I'll let you in on a little secret, Tyler... The gold is not in the ground. The gold is not anywhere up here. The real gold is south of 60, sitting in living rooms, stuck watching the boob tube, bored to death. Bored to death, Tyler!....." The plane starts to flutter.... "What is that?" Tyler panics. "...What's Wrong?" "Boredom Tyler, Boredom! That's what's wrong! How do you beat boredom, Tyler? Adventure. Adventure, Tyler, Adventure!" The plane is rapidly descending. Rosie, the pilot, steps out on the wing of the plane to fix the propeller. The plane is shut off, nose diving toward the ground. Tyler, panicking, is forced to take the wheel. The plane cranks back up, and Rosie gets back in the plane. A massive mountain is right in front of them. It appears they are going to crash as they head straight for the side of this mountain. At the last minute, Rosie, the pilot, pulls them out of danger. See "Never Cry Wolf" clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAbU7Ha3jTA&feature=youtu.be No matter how it appeared, Tyler and Rosie made it out alive! It was a great adventure! While it is scary at times, there is no boredom when following God step by step! We are all enjoying the Adventure, learning to enjoy the faith journey He has us on! Scary at times? Sure! Yet, the Adventure of living out His calling, in His presence, is well worth it! We are enjoying the Adventure! And the kids are "Thriving"! How about you? Bored? Or living the adventure? There is no greater adventure than saying yes to God and His purposes! God is so good! Enjoy The Journey! Bart

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