Friday, December 03, 2010


Has a child ever taught you? If not, you may want to hang out with one :-)
The other day, Joshie (Joshua), our 5 year old son, did a great job of expressing his heart to his mommy: "I want to do something with Daddy tomorrow." Of course, I was informed, and a plan was quickly put in place to honor his heart.
When I arrived the next day to pick him up from school he smiled real big and ran into my arms. Our "boy date" had officially begun! As we got into the car I asked him what he wanted to do. He answered with such love, "What do you want to do, Daddy?" After affirming him for his kind heart, I responded, "I love your heart, buddy... I want to do what you want to do. What do you want to do?" He decided he wanted to "get Root Beer and drive around". As we drove a bit, we agreed it would be fun to get some lunch and go play at Tom Brown Park.
What an adventure we had together. After drinking Root Beer and eating Tacos, we were running through the playground - which we had to ourselves - playing on every swing, slide and gadget there. He led me on an adventure to avoid the "alligators" below (imaginations are fun). We climbed under, over, around... unlocking "lasers" and "gates" to get to the other side, laughing and playing for well over an hour. We had fun together!
Now, let me clarify, we play together most every day, but during the Thanksgiving holiday, we were busy playing with cousins and visiting family, so this was our time to really play. It was a special play date in which we both drank up being together.
At one point, after we ate our lunch, before our adventure, Joshie sprawled out onto the bench next to me and laid his head on my lap. As I rubbed his back he wiggled and giggled drinking up this play date with His Daddy! His heart and mine were one, soaking up our love for each other.
Yesterday, while spending time with my Father (God), I was asking Him what He wanted to say to me today, and immediately my time with Joshie flooded back to me. I could almost hear God say to me what I said to Joshie "I love your heart... What do you want?" When I finally quieted myself (after processing some stressful circumstances with Him), I could clearly hear The Father say to me, "What do you want?"
Today, this rings in my head even louder; "What do you want?" While this is a very comforting and loving question it also troubles me, because I am not even sure how to answer.
What do I want?
May I dare ask you (yes you), "What do you want?"
For me, when I boil it all down, following a very intense season of deeper refinement and waiting/lacking, what I want becomes quite simple:
Just like Joshie, what I really want is time with My Father. As I sit quietly before Him I "wiggle and giggle" basking in His love and presence.
What I really want is Him, His presence, His love, His purpose... HIM!
Deep down isn't that what we all really want: To be with Our Father?
I learn alot from my children, above all I learn how to be a child!
Thanks Joshie! Thanks Hannah! Thanks Gabrielle! Thanks Kailey!
Thanks Daddy!
May we all enjoy Him daily!
Enjoy The journey!