Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Someone Has my Arm

Have you ever felt like you were walking around with a blindfold on? I have been in one of those seasons recently - having no clue as to where to go next... No matter what my finite brain tries to figure out, there is no clarity to be found. While panic is the first option, I am trying to learn to take a deep breath and assess the situation - focus, if you will.
Don't know if you have ever worn a blindfold before - playfully I hope - but my recollection is it is really hard to see (unless you peak beneath the blindfold at the small glimmer of light below). That is the idea though of a blindfold, right, to block off the ability to see? Have you ever tried to walk around with the blindfold on? How many walls did you run into, or how many shoes or toys did you trip over? Man, it is hard to see when you are blinded, isn't it? Funny how that works.
Well, back to my point: I have been in one of those seasons. No matter how hard I try to understand or figure out what is next there has been little to nothing in sight. "All I need is a little clarity", I cry out to the open air in hopes of someone hearing me.
Well, one morning while I took a minute to pray, a picture came to mind. It was a picture of my wife Brooke and I with dark, tight blindfolds on over our eyes - impossible to see. I then saw a large arm holding my elbow (actually engulfing my entire arm would be more accurate). The understanding followed: "Trust me. I have you. I am leading your every step. It is on purpose that you cannot see where to go right now, because if you could see you would step prematurely. Trust me. I have you. I am leading you step by step. In time, everything will be made clear. Right now, rest in me and trust me."
What more is there to say? When the one who created me steps in to say He has everything under control, what else do I really need?
Perhaps that encourages you in the same kind of weird way it does me... while I like to rely on my own ability (it's more familiar), the truth is it is much more comforting and peaceable to know that someone much larger than me has everything under control.
With that, I can rest and enjoy the wonderful things of today - like Blogging!
Enjoy The Journey,

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am Writing a "Blog"!?

High tech, I am not. The fact that I am "posting a Blog" is an incredible concept to me. The day I bought a cell phone I felt like I was violating an inner code of some sort. I say I love change but the reality is I am quite slow to catch up with the trends of the day, or even yesterday for that matter. I guess I feel so far behind that I don't know how to catch up. By the way, I have no idea how we once lived without cell phones. I am so glad I decided to join in the fun some years back. I even have a computer. In fact, I work from a laptop every work day. I am getting there. But a "Blog"? It sounds more like a gooey mass of slime, or is that a blob? Either way, it is not something I was eager to put my hands to.
My friend and office neighbor, Brien, encouraged me to set up a blog one day. "A blog?" When he said it was a means of writing, I perked up. Truth is, while I am a mortgage consultant by trade, I have a hidden passion to write - and no, not about financial or business matters either.
I guess it would be safe to say that I am a deep thinker, a frustrated creative guy who doesn't get a chance to be innovative much on a daily basis. Writing allows me to explore, create and express some of the deeper thoughts rambling around within me. I find peace and comfort when I write, it tends to express something within me longing to be heard. Whether anyone reads it or not is somewhat irrelevant (but please do :)) - it's the chance to express myself that appeals to me most.
That said, here I am, on my computer, with cell phone hoisted on my hip, writing my first Blog! WOW! My mom would be proud! I am growing!
So, what will I write about? How often will I write? Who will read it? How does this thing work, anyway? These are questions I just can't answer right now...
All I am prepared to say for now, is WOW! I am writing a Blog! First the Moon, and now this! What would George Washington say?
America, it is no longer "baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet"... it's now Computers, Cell phones and Blogs! Welcome to the year 2009 - glad to call it today!
That's all for now... gotta to get back to my day job.
Enjoy the journey,